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Leo Rondon

Rondon, gives classes of Venezuelan music in the city of Paris to students of different instruments such as guitar, Venezuelan cuatro, contrabass, clarinet, flute  and violin inviting them to carry the sound of their instruments to this music, with this shows its quality of multi-instrumentalist. Inside the world of Jazz and  improvised music, Rondon also develops other music projects such as is the case of his own, the “Leo Rondon Project” where inserts this indigenous Venezuelan instrument in the world, with a repertoire of Jazz mixed with the enthusiasm of the Venezuelan rhythms; as well as his project Avila Quartet (http://avilaquartet.com ) hich has just produced his latest album “WARAIRA”, an album that shows the beautiful popular melodies of Venezuela reproduced on oboe, violin, Venezuelan Cuatro and Contrabass, with influences of Jazz and Classical music. In the same way, his a member of the Ensamble Recoveco, with who he recreates a vast repertoire of Latinamerican music and Venezuelan roots, a group dedicated to the dissemination of the new sound of the venezuelan music through their own compositions.