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Chihiro Hayami

After having studied music, theater and ballet from a very early age, she once went on to immerse herself in the world of traditional Japanese music and dance, and then she obtained a scholarship to study music in England and France. In just a few short years, she won several international harp competitions and received honors.

Although her repertoire centers on Japanese language works, she has covered wide-ranging songs, going beyond English and French and even extending to Catalan and Finnish. Her work has also catalyzed abundant musical arrangements and original compositions. Her partnership with flutist Hideko Morimoto has also blossomed recently, earning them the highest prize in the Ensemble Category at the Gifu International Music Competition in 2018.

Hayami is the founder of L’Académie Franco-Japonaise de Harpe de Kyoto in 2004. And building on this, she also paved the way to establish a harp class in L’ l’Académie de Musique Française de Kyoto in 2007.

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