Harpes au Max, the first international harp festival in the Ancenis district is designed to link the region and its inhabitants, Ancenis district and the world that surrounds it and different genres of music for the entertainment of all. As Camac Harps comes from the region, COMPA and its historical partner Ancenis have been able to create an exceptional event dedicated to the harp. 

In 2012, when Ancenis District Council wanted to hold an event to animate
and publicise the region, Harpes Camac celebrated its 40 year anniversary
and held a series of concerts together with Ancenis. The success of this event inspired this new festival, Harpes au Max.

A nod to the Marx Brothers

Organised by Ancenis District Council, Harpes Camac and Ancenis, under the patronage of Marie-Claire Jamet, internationally renowned harpist, the festival promises
many surprises. The festival’s name, Harpes au Max, is a nod to one of the
masters of silent movies, Harpo Marx. Born Adolph Marx, this American Jewish
comic actor was part of the Marx Brothers. Always mute in his films,
dressed in a trench coat and top hat, he was a funny, endearing character
who acted like a child. And his peculiarity? He played the harp!

A festival full of surprises…

Eclectic and different, at Harpes au Max you’ll discover harps never before
seen in France, amateur foreign ensembles and famous artists.
You’ll leave the event having heard a wide range of musical genres – world,
classical, pop, Celtic and electronic. Discoveries, happiness, shared moments,
and emotions.… Let yourself go!

Harpiste Marie-Claire Jamet - ©Harcourt | Harpes au Max

A word from the festival’s patron

Marie-Claire Jamet

“It is with great emotion and happiness that I accepted the position of patron of the first edition of the Harpes
au Max festival.

What a joy to be in the Ancenis region and discover the multiple facets of the harp, from the Celtic harp to the electro-acoustic harp and played by artists from all over the world.

I am sure the public will appreciate these different sounds. I invite you to come and listen to these exceptional performances which I’m certain will fill us all with happiness!”

Jean-Michel Tobie président COMPA | Harpes au Max

A word from the president of Ancenis district council

Jean-Michel Tobie

“Through Harpes au Max, the Communauté de communes du Pays d’Ancenis and its partners are proud to introduce you to its region and inhabitants. We are all about discoveries, friendliness, shared moments and the out of the ordinary. Give in to your curiosity and come to the event.”

Jakez François président Les Harpes Camac | Harpes au Max

A word from Jakez François, President of Harpes Camac

Jakez François


“We would like to invite you to discover the eclectic programme
of the first Harpes au Max festival. You’ll be astounded by the numerous sides of the harp, an instrument several
thousand years old, but still very much alive!”