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Wu Lin

Wu Lin is Konghou Musician of the National Traditional Orchestra of China and Vice Chairman of the Konghou Association under the Chinese Musicians Association.

Growing up in a music ancestry, Wu Lin started learning Gu Zheng (Traditional Chinese Instrument) early at the age of 6 with Mr. Zuo Changan and Professor Yang Nian. In 1991, Wu Lin entered ShenYang Conservatory of Music and graduated in 2001 with a Bachelor’s degree. At ShenYang Conservatory of Music, Wu Lin double majored in both Konghou and Harp with Professor Yue Pingqiu.

In 1996, Wu Lin was selected into the 6th USA International Harp Competition, “Youth Concert” division in Seattle as the only Chinese harpist. In the same year, Wu Lin played the Konghou in the Olympia US World Ethnic Harp Convention, making Konghou’s debut on a worldwide professional stage, which induced great response from the audience.

As a leading figure in modern Konghou, Wu Lin performed and gave speeches in a plethora of countries. Praised and supported by many, she had truly contributed to the development of Konghou.