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Tasmanian Harp Ensemble

Formed in 2003 in Australia’s tiny island state, the Harp Society of Tasmania is noted for its warmth and vibrancy, with friendships with other harpists across Australia and the world.  Our Society welcomes, supports and encourages harpists of all levels from all walks of life.

“Our special relationship with Camac began in 2006 when Jakez François sponsored our inaugural Harp Island weekend workshop and concert in Bicheno on the East Coast, a place that showcases Tasmania’s natural beauty. This relationship has grown, and we were delighted to welcome Jakez to his first Harp Island in 2011.  We were stunned and humbled when Jakez invited us to perform in Ancenis. We are delighted to accept this invitation and look forward to performing some of our Tasmanian-related repertoire at the Festival.”


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