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Taras Yanitskiy

Yanitskiy Taras Iossypovytch was born in Kiev in 1977 to a family of musicians. He is one of the leading bandoura players, a traditional Ukrainian instrument which combines harp playing techniques on a vertical stringed instrument similar to the zither.

Meritorious Artist in Ukraine, Taras Yanitskiy is artistic director, conductor and bandoura teacher at the “Kobzar” (Ukrainian bard) arts school in Stritivka.

Alongside this he is also the bandourist orchestra conductor at the National University of Art and Culture in Kiev and founder in 2011 of the mixed bandourist choir at the Institute of Arts at the University B. Grintchenko in Kiev. He is also a member of various national associations promoting traditional music.

In concert he is often accompanied by the Ianytskiy family bandura quartet, all of whose members are teachers and Meritorious Artists in Ukraine.