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Sirin Pancaroglu

Praised by the Washington Post as a “major talent of international caliber”, for Şirin Pancaroğlu, discovering a variety of musical identities for the harp is a central endeavor. Trained as a classical musician, the leading harpist of Turkey is equally active in the realm of Turkish traditional music, improvisation, electronic music, tango and semi-staged performances as she is in mainstream harp repertoire to which she contributes with new works commissioned for her.

Regular collaborations with performers and composers of diverse backgrounds have led Pancaroğlu to cross boundaries between musical styles often resulting in music that has been perceived as opening the path to new genres.

Recognized for her thorough interpretative skills and multifaceted personality, Şirin Pancaroğlu has been touring with four large collaborative projects since 2011. Her work on unearthing the historical Turco-Ottoman harp called the “çeng”, as well her dedication to traditional and contemporary Turkish music have earned her a unique place in the history of performers in Turkey.

In 2013 Pancaroğlu has started to collaborate with singer and composer of Turkish music, Bora Uymaz, with whom she has founded Şimdi Ensemble, dedicated to the tradition of Sufi music from Anatolia. Together they have released two albums, “Çengnağme” and “Cafe Tango”. Pancaroğlu has been motivated to compose under the guidance of Uymaz, leading to an award in 2014 Altin Elma Beste Yarışmsı, a Turkish music composition contest.


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