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Las familias

The aim of Las Familias is to make fun music as a family. From its creation there has been one golden rule – that for a family to be allowed to play in the band, all members, from the tiniest to Dad need to play an instrument. So some people have had to learn to play music to be able to join Las Familias.

A mixture of professional musicians and amateurs, the band is made up of five families. Created in 2012, Las Familias has performed at different events (weddings, parties on the banks of the River Loire at Couëron, the first Zygos parties at La Ruche in Nantes to name a few). The band has also played at local sports events.

The varied repertoire of Las Familias extends from south-west bandas to the jazz of Horace Silver or New Orleans, to Stevie Wonder, Serge Gainsbourg, C2C, Pharell Williams, Eastern music, the waltz and the biguine.

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