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Created in 2014 by a group of teachers in the Nantes region, Hexarpa aims to promote and enrich the harp ensemble repertoire.

The ensemble is made up entirely of professional musicians, and it appears in a variety of constellations, according to the needs of each programme.  Harp ensemble has always played an essential role in the development of the instrument. Beyond transcriptions and adaptations of existing works, some composers (such as Andrès or Jansen) have provided a source of original literature, for groups of diverse sizes.

This said, it is as a sextet that the ensemble is most radiant and magnificent. An alchemy of each of its unique members, it offers a one-off aural and visual experience.

Members of Hexarpa are Nathalie Henriet, Delphine Douillard, Sandy Feder, Astrid Bouvier, Soizic Tiriau and Jacques-Emmanuel Paroutaud. They are supported by the “À travers Cordes” Association, which promotes the harp.

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