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Harpo Melusine

Harpo Mélusine is composed by almoste twenty harpists which are different years old. All of them practice harp instrument since many years. Conducting by Myram Serfass, the community plays around the French Capital since 1996: theater, library, hospital, retirement house, parcs and special evenments.

The community was invited by Marielle Nordman at the Arles’s harp Festival in 1998. In 2006, during Transatlantique Concert of Philadelphia Harp Ensemble (PAE), the ensembles of Kim Rowe and Myriam Serfass met and all the membres played together in te Paris Camac Areas with the help of Jakez François.

Every year, in May, these young harpists which are trained by conservatoires of the Parisian Region, discover new piece and buikd together a concert. The main skill of Harpo-Melusine is to have fun together, to lear by listening each other and have the pleasure to play and be on stage.