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Elisa Vellia (Vellia Trio)

Originally from the Greek island of Corfu, Elisa Vellia grew up in Athens. Through her desire for adventure and travel, she left her country and discovered the Celtic harp in the London Underground. She has lived in Brittany for several years, where she weaves her own musical universe inspired by her native and adoptive lands, mixing Mediterranean influences with an Atlantic character. Singing of her roots and emotions in Greek, Elisa gives new life to the instrument so present in Ancient Greece, but now long forgotten in modern day Greece.

Elisa Vellia playing in a trio

“Les Deux Mers” (two seas) revisits the Greek repertoire and Elisa Vellia’s own compositions, bringing together the two cultures with the Celtic harp and collaboration with two musicians from different universes Hélène Labarrière and Jacky Molard.

Hélène Labarrière, a double bassist and composer, is mainly active in jazz and improvised music. She plays with artists of all musical backgrounds, ranging from pop to improvisation, to jazz and traditional world music.

Jacky Molard, a violonist was interested from a very early age in improvised music with bluegrass, alongside playing Celtic music with Breton musicians and singers and Irish musicians. Unclassifiable, he is one of the must-see artists on the current Breton music scene.


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