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Eduardo Betancourt

Venezuelan musician, producer, arranger, composer and multi-instrumentalist, have more of 21 years of experience on the traditional Venezuelan music. He has given concerts and harp clinics in: London, Tokio, Canadá, Paraguay, USA, Austria, South África, México, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Perú, and Brasil.

With more than 100 participations on albums and shows of important national and international artists., of the most relevant we could name are: Simón Díaz, Oscar D León, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Arturo Sandoval, Luis Salinas and others great Artist.

He now is part of important musical projects in Venezuela as: 
2 Arpas 4 Manos with Leonard Jácome, too of Rafael “El Pollo” Brito Band, Huascar Barradas Band, Joropo Jam Project, Eduardo Project.

Also, in the city of Buenos Aires (Argentina) from six years ago, he founded the duo Luna & Betancourt (Piano and Harp) with Gabriel Luna, classical pianist and chairman of the department of folk music of Argentina in the “National Conservatory of Music” in Buenos Aires.


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