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Cempaka and Penang Harp Ensembles

The Penang Harpers was only formed at the end of 2014, consisting of young members from the Penang Island Harp community of Malaysia. Directed by Katryna Tan, the very young ensemble has shown great growth in just a short time and looks forward to their participation in the Ancenis International Harp Festival 2016.

The Cempaka Schools Harp Programme commenced in the year of 2008. Also directed by Cempakan Alumni, Katryna Tan, with the schools’ harp teachers (Dan Siew Yee, Ong Foong Huang, Yap Zhe Zhen and Wong Li Sha) the programme runs in all 3 campuses- Cempaka Cheras, Cempaka Damansara and Cempaka International Ladies College (CILC). Through the years, the harpists in Cempaka Schools participated in Singapore Harp Festivals since 2008. In 2010 Cempaka Schools hosted the Harp Festival for the first time. In February 2015, Cempaka Schools successfully staged their inaugural Harp Concert, “Les Harpes de Poise”. The concert featured music from around the world. The ensemble has performed as casts in recent Harp Musical “Pluck and the Magic Banyan Tree” in Singapore.

In Cempaka, the current age range of harpists is 7—16 years old. The Harp Programme has created a platform of unique and tremendous opportunities for harp enthusiasts.

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