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Ars Celtica


Born in Upper Brittany to a Cornish family, Myrdhin is one of the linchpins of the renaissance of the Celtic harp in Brittany. He has been acclaimed both as a soloist and in various formations both in France and abroad since the 1970s and has received numerous distinctions. Myrdhin is a Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres.

Myrdhin composes almost exclusively for the Celtic harp. He draws his inspiration from mythology, but has also been asked to write music for films.

It has been six years since we heard Myrdhin play in a duo. Now he returns to this dialogue between two Celtic harps again.

Myrdhin’s website

Elisa Nicotra

Having first studied the piano, Elisa Nicotra began learning the metal-stringed Celtic harp with Christine Ruffino and then became part of the “Celtic Harp Orchestra” led by Fabius Constable in 2003. From 2013 she has taught the Celtic harp in Milan and in 2014 she came to live in Brittany.

She and Myrdhin have reinstated the Ars Celtica duo, performing Celtic “triads” with two metal-stringed harps. In fact, the druids formulated all of their thoughts in the form of ternary principles and 46 have survived through Welsh traditions. Myrdhin and Elisa will perform five for us – first of all the earth, the sky and the sea, followed by the birch, the yew and the oak, then three birds, three crystals and to finish the three female faces of Viviane, Yseult and Dana.