To make sure everybody can benefit from the festival, several concerts will be held over the three days. These include educational concerts and events in retirement homes or handicapped care facilities. Harpes au Max will cover the entire Ancenis region, meaning that everybody can experience the event right on their doorsteps.

Educational concerts

The District of Ancenis has made it possible for students to take part in the Harpes au Max festival by including it in its 2017-2018 arts and culture education program. Around 700 students will receive one of the following two artistic courses offered:

Classroom sessions with Lilou Lefrançois, teacher at the Arpège music school in Ancenis and Maud Cherél, participating musician and teacher at the Poly-sons school of music. During the festival, four concert film shows of ‘La Petite Taupe’ (The Baby Mole) will take place under the direction of François Pernel at the cinemas of Vallons-de-l’Erdre (in Saint-Mars-la-Jaille) and Ingrandes-Le-Fresne-sur-Loire.

Visit of “La harpe, de Marie Antoinette à nos jours” (The harp since Marie Antoinette and the French Revolution) exhibition at the Ancenis Castle with initiation workshops at the Galerie Sonore. During the festival, two educational concerts will be given by the Columbian ensemble Son Joropo in Riaillé’s Théâtre de la Mauvraie and the William Turner venue in Le Cellier.

Objectives: discover the instrument, its history, variations in different cultures, but also how it works and the various existing “schools” and repertoires.

Master class, Workshops and musical meetings

A master class, workshops and musical meetings will be organised with artists invited to the festival. It will be the opportunity for amateur harpists or enthusiasts to perfect their practice or discover new techniques.

Harpes au Max will explore each and every string of the harp and invites you to attend a harp lesson with the festival’s patron, Isabelle Perrin

Classic harp master class with Isabelle Perrin
Saturday 19 May 2018 from 2.00 -4.00 pm, Ancenis, music school

This individual course is open to the public

Two workshops will take place for around twenty amateur and student players on the themes of improvisation and Latin American rhythms. The public will be able to attend this rare moment of knowledge transmission.

Collective practice Workshop : Latin American’s Rythms with Edmar Castaneda
Saturday 19 May 2018, from 10 am to 12 pm, Ancenis, Quartier Libre Theater

Collective practice Workshop : Celtic Harp Musique with Nikolaz Cadoret
Saturday 19 May 2018 from 2.00-4.00pm,  Ancenis, Quartier Libre Theater

These workshops are open to the public

Musical meetings are also in the programmation:

Musical Conference: the harp in Latin America with Cristobal Soto and the participation of Edmar Castaneda
Friday 18 may 2018 at 6.00pm, Ancenis, Médiathèque

Musical meeting : the harp in Bavaria with Moritz Demer (mediation Helen Leiner)
Saturday 19 may at 11.00pm, Ligné, Bibliothèque

Social Actions

Through its music festival Harpes au Max, the District of Ancenis wishes to reach out to all kinds of audiences, bringing concerts and free events to unusual venues:

The EHPAD Les Rives de l’Auxence nursing home – Loireauxence (Belligné)

The Centre Erdre-et-Loire hospital – Ancenis

The medical-social Centre – Vallons-de-l’Erdre (Saint-Mars-La-Jaille)

The ‘L’épicerie solidaire’ outreach grocery – Loireauxence (Varades)

The GEM (Groupe d’Entraide Mutuelle) Mutual help group – Ancenis

The ‘Les amis de Raymond’ association – Loireauxence (La Chapelle Saint-Sauveur)

The IME (Institut Médico-Educatif) medical-educational institute – Loireauxence (Varades) as well as for all home care recipients

from the whole Pays d’Ancenis area.