La harpe by Rémi Courgeon is a children’s book which will boost children’s confidence and make them want to play the harp!

Louise is a girl just like any other. But that’s the problem! It’s really boring. She dreams of being like Italian film stars, of having that little something nobody else has. Her mum is expecting a little brother and the whole family is moving, but Louise is finding her life increasingly boring. While exploring the house she discovers a harp behind the attic door, under a sheet! And opposite the instrument she finds a mirror. When she starts to pluck the harp, the mirror shows her transformed in its reflection – there’s nothing left of the ordinary little girl!

La harpe Rémi Courgeon | Harpes au Max

The magic of the harp

Her parents send her to lessons to learn to play the instrument. The more she practises, the better she looks in the mirror. One day she plucks up courage to perform in a concert at the music school. Yes, but the harp won’t fit through the attic door so she has to play another instrument. She panics. What if the wonderful person in the mirror doesn’t exist? What if the magic doesn’t work anymore?


La harpe, de Rémi Courgeon, Les albums du Père Castor collection, éditions Flammarion, 2010.